Before & After

I wanted to share a before & after comparison I created using Lightroom. This is an example of a subject I didn’t want facing the sunshine for obvious reasons; squinting, shadows, funny faces, etc. Yes, I could have used a diffuser disk, and maybe even an external flash, but hey, on a windy day with a momma watching over her other child, we can’t always have our client be our assistant. Plus I enjoy natural light photography over flash photography. Just a personal preference. So here’s a side by side comparison to show what some simple, basic retouching can do to an image using Lightroom. (If you don’t have LR, I suggest you invest!)

The first photo is a RAW file. Straight out of the camera with no edits whatsoever. The second photo is my final product. Look how much cleaner it is! Having done these edits will now allow my client to print some beautiful prints that won’t come out muddy. Plus now his baby blues are noticeable! <3 This is why ALL photographer need Post Edit Time. PET! We know you are excited and want your photos yesterday, but I promise being patient is well worth it! Just look at him! Please visit for more of my work and feel free to contact me with any and all questions! 

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